Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too HOT to blog!

It's too HOT to do anything, except hibernate in my air-conditioned office, with the granddog parking himself in front of the fan.

The only rays of sunshine in this horrible, hot drought (yes, while the rest of the country is flooding, we are having a terrible, sad drought) are my sunflowers! After a slow start (and late planting) they are finally blooming!

A couple years ago I realized the importance of planting "pollenless" sunflowers.  In addition to not making you sneeze, they don't drop that toxic yellow pollen all over everything. They're perfect to cut and bring inside and enjoy!!!

The sad side of my garden ): contains the most pitiful tomatoes in years. Look at these beauty-challenged little specimens!

They are so ugly, I may have to enter them in the annual "Ugly Tomato Contest" at the local extension office. They are cracked, oozy, pecked...and remarkably, still delicious!  After you cut out the offensive parts, they taste great. Obviously the birds thing they taste good, because they have been doing a number on them. Maybe I need a scarecrow?

If you have suggestions on tomato growing, write me a comment. We call ourselves "faithful gardeners", because we basically plant and pray! We're not too good at the maintenance part of gardening...we just want the results!

Meanwhile, I am moving into my annual summer meal strategy...tomato intensive meals. Everything has tomatoes in it or on it!  Toe-may-toe....toe-mah-toe...either way you say it, summer is here! 


  1. My mom always put some sort of netting over her tomato plants to keep the birds off. Maybe you could find something like that?

  2. They may be ugly, but they look good!!! I love fresh tomatoes.

  3. oh my Linda,
    you garden like us!!!! Mine is over run with weeds right now...of course, last week I couldn't even get NEAR the garden...
    Not sure what to tell you about the tomatoes. We get the same thing here....
    try to stay cool..
    LOVE the sunflowers!

  4. This Northern Okie summer is duplicating the 1980 summer of high temps and no rain. My DH's garden is awful... tomatoes similar to yours. We have had a few green peppers and about 10 oz. of green beans. A year of extremes from our winter with -35 below zero before the wind chill and blizzards. So, cross-stitching and sewing are my activities. Love your new designs.